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What you can expect from us

This notice sets out the standards of service that you can expect from us in the way that we handle personal information. This privacy policy relates only to the Shropshire Council website: Links to external websites are not covered by this policy.

We don't capture and store any personal information about individuals who access this website, except where you voluntarily choose to give us your personal details via email, or by using an electronic form, or enquiring about any of our services.

We're fully committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and wherever we request personal information from you we'll state how the information will be used in terms of:

  • Who will see it
  • Why they need it
  • What they'll do with it

We also have additional information relating to school pupil information, the National Fraud Initiative and use of information in emails.

Use of computer cookies

Use of computer 'cookies' enables us to understand how people access and use our website, and to help us improve or make our website work more efficiently.

Email disclaimer

Emails and any attached files sent from a Shropshire Council email address are confidential, may be legally privileged and may contain personal views that are not the views of Shropshire Council.

Email is intended solely for the correct addressee(s). If an email was sent to you in error, please notify us by replying to the email or by calling us on 0345 678 9000. Once you've done this, please delete the email/attachment and don't disclose, copy, distribute, or rely on it.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the contents of emails and their attachments (sent to or received) may need to be disclosed.

Shropshire Council reserves the right to monitor both sent and received emails.

Contact us

 Telephone 0345 678 9000