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Primary School Catering

Our Food

Our Food

At the heart of what we do is our passion for great tasting, healthy, locally sourced food. The menus are driven by our customers’ feedback and our extensive experience in the education sector.

All our dishes are supported with recipes and prepared by craft trained staff. This combination creates great tasting and well-presented food options on the counters for the students.

We have been awarded the Food for Life Gold Catering Mark from the Soil Association. This independent assessment is your guarantee that we provide high quality, fresh food that you can trust.

  • 75% of meals are freshly prepared
  • 50% of produce is locally sourced
  • All eggs are free range
  • All meat satisfies UK animal welfare standards



We understand that each school is different and we can meet specific needs and be flexible.

Menus and food concepts are tailored for schools to ensure that the right food is offered to the customer.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, reinvesting into the service for the benefit of the users.

Our Employees

Our employees are professional, responsive and helpful, as well as fully trained and vetted. We have a team of mobile relief staff which means we do not employ agency staff.

Each employee is empowered to be flexible and ready for the challenges of a fast-paced changing environment.

Did you know?

Did you know?
  • All meals are offered with salad, wholemeal bread and vegetable selection.
  • We use Red Tractor chicken which guarantees safe, quality chicken which meets animal welfare standards.
  • All fish used on our menus are Marine Stewardship certified (MSC).
  • We do not add salt or sugar to any of our meals.
  • We only serve freshly-made soups made from vegetable stocks.
  • All eggs we use are free range.
  • All cakes and biscuits on offer are freshly made.
  • Once a week an assortment of fresh fruit and yoghurt’s is the only pudding option.
  • All puddings are made using reduced sugar recipes and fresh fruit is available daily.

Muller Yoghurt Competition

Muller Yoghurt Competition

We are excited to launch a Shire Services / Muller competition for our Primary Schools.

Our yoghurt pots are now one of the only products we use that can’t be washed and reused whilst we wait for Muller to develop an alternative product for us (coming Spring 2024!). We have come up with a competition where we would like children to invent another use for a Muller yoghurt pot once the yoghurt has been eaten with a range of prizes available for the winning entries.

We are looking forward to seeing what creations our Primary Schools can come up with. Thank you to Muller for supporting us with this competition.